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WILD WEST KIDS - interactive & educative exhibition for kids

  • #Wild West Kids is an interactive and educational exhibition for children; this project is designed specially for shopping centers. Children will experience an amazing adventure, will learn about the Wild West, will be surrounded by specific architectural elements and will get involved in exciting games.

    Children will visit a town in the desert, explore a gold mine, collect gold, race horses, play exciting games around the bonfire, visit the Indian village, shoot the bandits and take funny pictures of the “Wanted” posters.

    Children will follow a 60-minute itinerary that simulates a real expedition in the Wild West, visiting the thematic “islands”, where they can learn by playing.
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    The kids’ itinerary

  • Entrance into the Wild West


    All the kids will enter into the Wild West through the thematic gate. The swinging doors, that are specific to Wild West saloons, will delight the children. Once they get beyond these doors, kids will follow a special itinerary, they will learn about the history of the Wild West, they will be involved in many interactive activities and will have lots of fun!

  • Dressing the children up as cowboys and Indians


    The Wild West adventure begins with dressing up the group of children. Several types of costumes and accessories are available. Girls and boys’ costumes will be available, suitable for all ages. Children may choose the outfits and accessories they want to wear.
    The entertainers will also be dressed as cowboys or Indians.



    After getting dressed in their themed costumes, children will visit the desert town. The entertainer will tell children how such a town was organized, how people lived, and which the most important buildings and characters of Wild West were.
    From here, all children will go into the mountains on a gold rush.



    Children will enter inside the mine to find gold. They will see gold nuggets on the mine walls . Together with the entertainer, they will place dynamite to extract the gold. After the dynamite is placed in position, the kids will come out and press the plunger of the detonator. The noise of a loud explosion will be heard from the mine and small rocks and gold nuggets will fall from the ceiling. Children will get back into the mine and to look for the gold nuggets. This mechanism is controlled by the entertainer using a remote control: a hatch hidden in the mine ceiling will open and rocks and gold mine ceiling will fall down. Children will gather all the gold, put it in a sack and place it inside the mine cart.

  • The horse race


    Children will enter the horse race. The horses are actually pony-cycle toys that children can safely ride , offering a riding experience which is close to reality. While on horseback, children push the stirrups downwards and rise up off the saddle, then they sit on the saddle while bending their knees. These repeated movements will mechanically actuate the horse that will move forwards.
    The entertainer will organize races for every 5 children. At the end of the race all kids will be rewarded with sheriff badges.

  • Cowboy campfire


    Children will gather around the artificial fire, sitting on logs. The entertainer will tell children how the cowboys made camp. He will teach children a song and play the harmonica. The children can climb and explore the Wild West wagon. A horseshoe pitching game will be organised in the camp - the children will have to toss horseshoes at stakes in the ground.



    Children will arrive into the Indian village where they will learn about Indians and their history. They can enter inside the tent and will learn how a teepee tent is build. Children will find a statue of an Indian standing in this village, with many elements missing. These elements are found scattered in small Indian village: Indian feathers, bow, arrows, tomahawks, clothing items. The entertainer will urge children to put all these elements together to reconstruct a true Indian. All children will dance around the fire and will chant specific Amerindian sounds.

  • Fighting the bandits


    Children will fight the evil bandits. The entertainer will tell children about gangs, about the robberies, about the famous bandits Billy the Kid, Jesse James and Butch Cassidy, and about the duels they had with the sheriffs. All children will have toy guns and the entertainer will explain the scenario: three bandits have just robbed a bank and have bumped into the cowboys and sheriffs (the children). The 2D bandits can be lied on the floor using a remote control.
    At the entertainer’s signal, the kids will draw their pistols and shoot the bandits. The entertainer will operate the remote control and all the bandits will fall down, just like the children would have shot them down. The kids will carry the money and gold bags back to the bank.

  • Funny pictures with “wanted” posters and false moustaches


    All children, with their parents, can have their funny pictures taken with trimmed face “Wanted” posters. There will be several models of false mustaches on a handle that can be used for funny pictures.

  • Awards for all kids


    All kids will receive a diploma for their courage, creativity and team spirit they proved while on their Wild West adventure.