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    The company has a well-trained team with a strong experience in marketing and property management. The partners’ combined experience that covers over 35 years in the field of Property Management, Facility Management and Marketing is what makes this company stand out amongst competitors.

    Each of the Umbrella Management team members has worked in various companies and on various properties where they worked on complex projects which they solved successfully. The Umbrella Management concept is about pooling the experience of partners to offer optimum solutions to every customer. You will find the experts you need under the same umbrella.

    In 2015, Umbrella Management and Promosfera signed a partnership whereby the two companies joined forces. Promosfera's experience of over 10 years of experience in manufacturing decorations and props is complemented by Umbrella Management’s experience of over 12 years in managing shopping centers, so the new joint venture is a solid partner for any shopping center. Umbrella is the sales representative for Promosfera products.

    The first projects launched by the new joint venture are the Kids in Pyramids and Wild West Kids, two events specially designed for shopping centers, dedicated to children. The two projects offer children an interactive and educational adventure that takes them to the ancient Egypt and the Wild West. The high degree of interactivity and the powerfull educational content are the strengths of these projects, so it is a must for clients of shopping centers who want to given their children a good time.

    Being direct manufacturers of props and decorations and being well-versed in the management of shopping centers and property management, we are convinced we can offer our clients customized solutions tailored to each budget.

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    Given our track record in managing shopping centers, we understand very well what such events have to offer. With a strong educational component and especially interactivity, the exhibitions succeed to transpose all children in an atmosphere of true adventure. Children learn by playing. The quality and design of the props will also make a good-looking decoration for any shopping center, which anyone will notice on the hallways and which will lure both adults and kids into the spirit of adventure.

    All exhibitions are modular and can be adapted to the architecture of any shopping center. Props can be placed in one single area or may be distributed in several areas; this is how children will have an itinerary they can follow, just like in a real adventure. This is how each “island” can be placed in strategic areas of the shopping malls, on the same floor or spread over several floors.


    Before starting the exhibition, our experts will train the shopping center team members, briefing them on the entire scenario that entertainers will follow. Moreover, our team will advise each mall, depending on its peculiarities, using their experience to identify the best solutions for the successful organization of the event and for attracting a larger number of children. Our team will oversee every stage of the exhibitions: transport, installation, training, dismantling.

    You can find the full details about interactive exhibitions here: Interactive exhibitions page.
    Interactive exhibitions

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    We are specialized in the production of indoor and outdoor decorations, on ground-based or hanging elements. For Christmas, Easter, Back to School, Valentine's Day, Halloween, Spring / Summer / Autumn / Winter, regardless of your choice, we can deliver decorations in all shapes, sizes and colors. For a stronger effect, we can even add mechanized animations, sounds, lights, pyrotechnics etc. to the decorations that you chose.


    And since we offer complete services, our team will also help you mount/dismount the decorations. You just have to contact us and tell us what theme you want. We will start designing the decorations and we will present you a unique concept for your entire shopping center.

    We decorate dozens of malls every year. We have the experience that is necessary for building truly spectacular decorations. We know how to size the decorations in order to fill large atriums and corridors.

    Generally, our decorations are for rent, but if you are interested in buying, we are open for a discussion.