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KIDS IN ROMAN EMPIRE - interactive & educative exhibition for kids

  • #Kids in Roman Empire is an interactive and educational exhibition for children; this project is designed specially for shopping centers. Children will experience an amazing adventure, learning about the Ancient Rome, surrounded by museum quality props, involved in exciting games.

    The kids will be dressed in roman costumes, will find how the Roma was built, about the Romulus & Remus legend, they will visit a forum and will learn about roman clothes, they will enter into the collosseum and find its secrets, they will learn about the gladiators, the roman army and the emperors, they will learn about the roman numerals, the roman architecture, the roman art and the roman gods. In the end they will take funny pictures with the roman soldier.

    Children will follow a 60-minute itinerary that simulates a real expedition in Ancient Rome, visiting the thematic “islands”, where they can learn by playing.
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  • # Download Kids in Roman Empire presentation, .pdf format(4.4 mb).


  • entrance into the roman empire


    All the kids will enter into the Roman Empire through the thematic gate. Once they get beyond these doors, kids will follow a special itinerary, they will learn about the history of the Rome, they will be involved in many interactive activities and will have lots of fun!

  • Dressing the children up as romans


    The Ancient Rome adventure begins with dressing up the group of children. Several types of costumes and accessories are available. Girls and boys’ costumes will be available, suitable for all ages. Children may choose the outfits and accessories they want to wear. Each kid will take his imperial sword into this adventure.
    The entertainers will also be dressed as romans.



    Children will learn about city of Rome legend, about Romulus and Remus about how they were raised by a wolf.
    Children will learn how Rome evolved and how it has developed and was ruled by a king at first, then turning the republic ruled by consuls, and finally turning into empire ruled by the emperor.

  • The city of rome

    #Children will see representative elements of Rome. They will about the roads built by the Romans and how ingenious the Romans were able to supply the city with fresh water - using aqueducts.
    Here children will gather in a forum, learning how important was for Romans.
  • The roman clothes


    Children will be able to see Romans clothes. A male and a female models are dressed with Roman clothes. So children will see toga, tunic and stole and will learn about how colors were used for clothes depending on the social status.

  • the Collosseum


    The kids will enter inside the Collosseum, one of the most representative monuments of ancient Rome. They will find the people sat in the Colloseum, how the best seats were for senators, behind them the equestrians and government officials. The best seat in the house belonged to the emperor who sat in the Emperor's Box. Below the Colosseum was a labyrinth of underground passages called the hypogeum. These passages allowed for animals, actors, and gladiators to suddenly appear in the middle of the arena. They would use trap doors to add in special effects such as scenery.

  • the gladiators


    The kids will learn about the gladiators and their fights. The children will have to chose the best weapons for a gladiator to fight with a lion. The emperor statue will move his finger up or down if they chosed corectly.

  • the roman army


    Children will see a catapult, a ballista and battering raan, and they will learn about the organization of the Roman army. Kids will find about the tactics of war and about their famous discipline. In an interactive game, all children will use shields to group together in a "Testudo" formation. The animator will throw stones from foam to the formations, showing children how compact these groups were tested.
    The kids will use the battering ram to break the gate to a barbarian fort.

  • the roman emperors


    The kids will enter into a garden where they can find 3 emperor busts: Julius Caesar, Trajan and Marcus Aurelius. The entertainer will talk about the good emperors and their achievements. Roma also has been ruled by crazy emperors and the kids will find about Nero, Caligula, Commodus or Domitian

  • the roman numerals


    The kids will learn about the roman numerals. On a big board the entertainer will explain few rules and tricky things to know using Roman numerals.
    1.The first rule just says that you add letters, or numbers, if they come after a bigger letter or number.
    2. The second rule is that you can't put more than three letters together in a row
    3. You can subtract a number by putting a letter of lower value before one of higher value.
    4. The last rule is that you can put a bar over a number to multiply it by a thousand and make a really big number.
    The kids will learn these rules and they will do themselves several operations on the table.

  • The roman architecture


    Here the kids will learn about the fantastic Romanian architecture. Some representative elements will be present: columns, an aqueduct and a Roman bathhouse (Thermae). Children will learn about the three architectural styles used by Roman columns: Ionic, Doric and Corinthian.
    The most important element of architecture that allowed the construction of large and safety structures was arch. Children will have to rebuild an arch and learn about the keystone and how important is this piece for the arch.

  • the roman art


    Children will learn about the most important elements of Roman art and how it has evolved from Greek art. The animator will tell children about Roman statues, paintings, reliefs and mosaic.
    In an interactive game, all children will have to rebuild a mosaic with elements that can be found in front of the panel.

  • the roman gods


    The animator will tell children about Roman gods and their faith. They will be presented sculptures of deities. Each sculpture will have a representative object that children have to match.
    The kids will have to match the trident with Neptun, the sword with Mars and the lyre with Apollo.

  • funny pictures


    All children, with their parents, can take funny pictures with the roman soldier trimmed face.

  • awards for all kids


    All kids will receive a diploma for their courage, creativity and team spirit they proved while on their Roman Empire adventure.