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KIDS IN PYRAMIDS - interactive & educative exhibition for kids

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    Kids in Pyramids is an interactive and educational exhibition for children; this project is designed specially for shopping centers. Children will experience an amazing adventure, will learn about the Ancient Egypt, will be surrounded by specific architectural elements and will get involved in exciting games.

    Children will be able to enter the pyramids, dig in the sand searching for artifacts, find the key to the treasure room, learn about hieroglyphics, build pyramids, climb on the Sphinx, decipher the hidden codes, they will have fun with the mummies, and will have an opportunity to take funny pictures of the Tutankhamun’s sarcophagus too.

    Children will follow a 60-minute itinerary that simulates a real expedition in Ancient Egypt, visiting the thematic “islands”, where they can learn by playing.

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    The kids’ itinerary

  • Dressing children in pharaohs and Cleopatra costumes


    The amazing adventure in Ancient Egypt starts by dressing all the kids in the themed costumes. There are several types of costumes and accessories, so kids can chose what to wear. Entertainers will also be dressed up in themed costumes.

  • Pharaoh’s throne


    Once the kids have put on their themed costumes, they can sit on the pharaoh’s throne, feeling like real pharaohs. The guide will talk to the children about the lives and history of the most important pharaohs in Egypt.
    All parents can take pictures of their kids standing on the pharaoh’s throne. Also, the shopping center can hire a photographer and send the pictures to the clients by e-mail/facebook. Pictures can also be printed out and given to the kids as free gifts.

  • The great pyramid of Giza


    Children will enter inside the great pyramid. Ancient paintings and hieroglyphs are featured on the inside walls. Kids will also watch a short movie about the Ancient Egypt.
    The entertainer will offer historical information and will tell the children how the pyramids were built, and what the symbols written on pyramid walls mean. Children will watch a short movie giving them more details about ancient Egypt, while the entertainer will be there for guidance and questions. From here, the kids can enter into the Sarcophagus Chamber.

  • Sarcophagus chamber


    From the main room of the great pyramid, kids can enter into the sarcophagus chamber, a room full of mystery, with fog machines and flamethrowers. A sensor will be activated when entering the room and a voice will guide the children on what they have to do in order to open the treasure room.
    The entertainer will tell the kids about the pharaohs tombs, about the meaning of all paintings and artifacts and will invite them all to follow the voice messages and go to the sand area to find the password for the treasure chamber.

  • Treasures in the sand


    Kids will turn into small archaeologists. They will find hidden artifacts in the sand. Children will dig into the sand to find the artifacts or fragments of broken amphorae which they can put back together just like real archaeologists do. Two fragments won’t fit to the broken amphorae, but they will fit together, revealing the password “Nefertiti”. The entertainer will round the children up by the door of the treasure chamber and will invite them to say the password in a loud voice.

  • Treasure chamber

    # To access the Treasure Chamber, the children have to shout the password in front of the door. In the presence of the children that are gathered around the treasure chamber door, the entertainer will open the door using a hidden remote control, giving kids the impression that they said the correct password. Once they get into the treasure room, they will find many treasures, glowing in the color-changing lights. The entertainer will tell the kids about the pharaoh’s treasures and their significance.

  • Nefertiti/Tutankhamon Puzzle


    Children will be invited to rebuild the image of the beautiful Nefertiti and of Tutankhamun by putting together magnetic puzzle elements. The entertainer will tell stories about Nefertiti, the beautiful Egyptian queen.
    Egyptian jewelry crafting or ancient Egyptian make-up workshops can be organized in this area too.

  • Giza plateau


    Children will see a 3D model of the Giza Plateau and learn about the pyramids and their positioning. They will also learn about the Sphinx, the temples and the small pyramids of the queens. A map will be used to explain the layout of all elements on the Giza plateau. In this area, a workshop for crafting amulets can be organized. Kids may use clay or any other materials to craft amulets which they can keep as free gifts.

  • Mini Pyramid & Sphinx


    The entertainer will talk to children about the mysteries et surrounding the building of the pyramids and will invite them to build a mini pyramid of small blocks. They have to place every block correctly in order to finish the entire pyramid.
    Sphinx-shaped benches will complete the game. Kids can sit on the two sphinxes and parents can take pictures.

  • Hieroglyphs


    Magnetic hieroglyphics will be placed on the magnetic panel. The entertainer will tell the children about the mystery of hieroglyphs, about how they were deciphered by Champollion, and what they mean. Several hieroglyphs will be explained to them (a standing man, a tired man etc). A hieroglyphic alphabet will also be displayed here, so all children will be able to see how their name can be written in hieroglyphs.
    A workshop can be organized in this area, where all kids can write their names in hieroglyphs.

  • The mummy


    The entertainer will talk to the children about mummification. Entertainers will also speak about the mummy curse, and will explain that this curse only appears in the movies and that it is not a real threat.
    A short funny game can be organized here: the entertainer and the children can wrap themselves up in paper, just like mummies are.

  • Match the correct egyptian god


    Many Egyptian Gods are carved on a large stone pillar. Children will have to spin the pillar parts to correctly put body parts together, thereby revealing the figures of Egyptian gods. The entertainer will speak to the children about the most important Egyptian gods – Anubis, Ra, Seth etc.

  • Papyrus: did you know facts about Ancient Egypt


    A papyrus roll will spin in an automatic loop. Funny facts about ancient Egypt (did you know?) are written on this papyrus.
    The entertainer will explain to the kids about the papyrus rolls, how they were made, how somebody can write on them, how long were they and what kind of information was written on the ancient papyrus rolls.
    A painting workshop can be organized in this area: kids can paint some plaster bas-relief artifacts using any color.



    The adventure ends with a funny photo shooting session involving both children and their parents. The sarcophagus with the trimmed face is very entertaining and all parents will be happy to take a picture of their kids.

  • Awards for all kids


    All kids will receive a diploma for the talent, creativity and team spirit they proved while on the Ancient Egypt adventure. Each child’s name will be written in hieroglyphs.