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JUNGLE KIDS - interactive & educative exhibition for kids

  • #JUNGLE KIDS is an interactive and educational exhibition for children especially designed for shopping centers. Children will experience an amazing adventure, learning about Jungle animals and plants, surrounded by all amazing props, being involved in exciting games. They will learn by playing about jungle and tropical forest.

    Dressed as explorers, children will enter the jungle cave, cross the moving bridge, feed hippo and crocodile, fish piranhas, discover animal footprints, visit the jungle camp, solve puzzles, identify animal sounds and furs, hang on lianas, gather snakes, dance limbo and take funny pictures inside safari car.

    Children will follow a 60-minute itinerary that simulates a real expedition inside Jungle, visiting the thematic “islands”, where they can learn by playing.
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  • # Download Jungle Kids presentation, .pdf format (4.3 mb).

    The kids’ itinerary

  • Jungle cave

    #After being dressed in themed costumes, the children will enter inside the jungle cave. Here they can hear jungle noises. On the cave’s walls hang the phosphorescent scorpions. Kids will find in the cave different objects (balls) and they have to gather them all and go to the moving bridge.

  • Moving Bridge: Hippo & Crocodile

    #The children have to go across the river filled with dangerous animals. It is a moving bridge and the kids has to keep in balance moving across. The kids have to feed the hippos and the crocs with the eggs found inside the jungle cave. The animal mouths will be open and the kids have to spot and throw the eggs inside. The kids will learn about the jungle swamps and the animals living here.

  • Moving Bridge - Fishing Piranha


    Kids will try fish the piranha fishes using the magnetic fishing rods, on the other side of the bridge.
    The entertainer can split kids in 2 teams competing to gather most piranha.

  • Discover animal footprints


    The kids will have to decipher the animal footprints. In the sand area and rocks are many animal footprints (leopard, hippo, croc, monkey etc). The entertainer will explain the kids how they can identify the jungle animal footprints, explaining their shapes foots, the weight, direction, their age etc.

  • Jungle camp


    In this area the kids will learn about all jungle animals. They will learn about the types of jungle and animals. They will identify to identify the animals furs after their pattern and colors, they will learn about the animal sounds. An electronic panel will have different buttons and when they are pushed the animal sounds will be played, so the kids will identify the animal.

  • Animal Puzzle


    Kids have to solve the 3D puzzle to reconstruct an elephant. The entertainer will give to kids interesting information about elephant.

  • Hanging on lians


    All kids must pass through an area with dense vegetation, covered with lianas. In the dense vegetation some suspense elements will wait for them: snakes, scorpions, spiders. The kids have to bypass them.

  • Gather snakes


    All children will prove their courage in this competition. The entertainer will divide the children into two groups that will need to gather as many snakes within 5 minutes. Each child will have two special sticks and will have to gather all the snakes scattered through dense grass. The animator teach the children about snakes, Anaconda and Boa.

  • Imitate animals


    After the children learned about different animals of the jungle, comes a comic moment in which they will have to imitate different animals. The entertainer, together with children, will spin the wheel on which are printed different animals. The wheel will stop next to an animal, and the children will have to imitate the animal or to respond to various questions.

  • Animal puzzle

    #Kids have to solve the magnetic puzzles. The panels has 2 different puzzle on each side. The entertainer can split the kids in 2 teams and the team who will solve the puzzle faster, will win! A monkey and a zebra are the solution for these puzzle, and kids will learn interesting information about these animals.

  • Limbo Jungle


    It is time all children need to relax after the jungle adventure. So, in this funny moment, the children will cross under a liana hanging from two palm trees, Limbo style. The entertainer will adjust the liana height depending on the children ages. Some funny contests among children can be organized.

  • Funny pictures


    All children, together with their parents, can take funny pictures with the safari car in the jungle. Finally, all children will be awarded for bravery in the jungle adventure.