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HEALTHY FOOD SUPERHEROES - interactive & educative exhibition for kids

  • #Healthy food superheroes is an interactive and educational exhibition for children designed specially for shopping centers. Children will experience an amazing adventure, learning about what means to be healthy, how eating correctly helps us to have a healthy life, surrounded by museum quality props, involved in exciting games. They will learn by playing about healthy eating.

    The kids will be dressed as superheroes and will learn about macronutrients (carbs, proteins, fats) and micronutrients (vitamins and minerals). What is the energy balance and what is a calorie? How important is the hydration? Is the sugar and fast-food healthy? What are the additives? How a product label should be read? All these answers will be given to kids using their language, using interactive games. After each stage in their adventure, the kids will charge themselves with energy using plasma balls inside big apples (representing the information they just learn) and they will transform into real healthy food superheroes. In the end, they will use this energy to brake into pieces the bad superhero – Sugar.

    Children will follow a 60-minute itinerary visiting thematic “islands”, where they can learn by playing about healthy food.
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  • Being healthy. What does it means? The food.

    #Kids will have to define what it means for them to be healthy. The animator will explain to children how healthy food helps us to be healthy, and the correct information they will get during this adventure is a super power that will transform them into superheroes.
    Kids will learn the human body is a complicated machine that needs fuel to function, and this fuel is food. Once swallowed, the food reaches the stomach, then into the intestines, where it digests into small fragments called carbohydrates, proteins, lipids, vitamins and minerals.
    Using an interactive panel, kids can insert balls (representing food) and see their way through the digestive system. All children will touch the plasma globe to feel how their super powers are growing.

  • Superheroes are charging with energy


    After each stage in their adventure, the kids will charge themselves with energy using plasma balls inside big apples (representing the information they just learn) and they will transform into real healthy food superheroes. In the end, they will use this energy to brake into pieces the bad superhero – Sugar.

  • Energy Balance. Calories.


    Kids will learn the calorie is the measuring unit for the energy taken from food. You cannot touch the energy, you can’t see it. It is released when the nutrients inside the food are burned. It is like the fire inside a stove: the wood is the nutrients from food, the stove is the body, and the energy is the heat resulted when the wood burns.
    Kids will learn their body will work properly if it will get the daily energy needed. A giant balance will teach kids about the right balance between physical activity and food. They will have to find the right balance using food props for one side and props representing physical activities for the other side.

  • Macronutrients. Carbs – proteins - fats.


    The entertainer will explain to kids what carbs, proteins and fats are. They will see inside a giant transparent tube how many colored balls are moved by a fan. Kids will learn many macronutrients and micronutrients are present inside each aliment. Each color represent a vitamin or a mineral. Kids will have to gather the colored balls representing Calcium from the giant piece of cheese.

  • Micronutrients. Vitamins - minerals.


    Animatorul va explica copiilor ca vitaminele formeaza un grup de 13 substante organice esentiale pentru organism, fara de care nu putem functiona. Vor invata si despre minerale, care au un rol esential in organism: formarea oaselor si dintilor, reactiile chimice din celule, echilibrul apei in corp, functionarea sistemelor circulator, nervos si digestiv.
    The kids will play a game where they have to collect the balls inside a giant lemon and a giant carrot. The colored balls will be placed inside transparent tubes. They will observe the yellow balls (vitamin C) are more in lemon and the blue balls (vitamin A) are more in carrot. Thus, children will understand that each food has a different composition of vitamins/minerals and it is important to have a diversified diet in vegetables and fruits for a complete and healthy diet.

  • Nutritional information


    Using a LCD console, kids can choose a fruit/vegetable by pressing a button. On LCD they will see the nutritional values for the fruit/vegetable they selected.

  • Food Groups. Fruits – vegetables – meat - diary.


    The entertainer will teach kids about food groups: grains, vegetables, fruits, protein and diary.
    Kids will have to chose the right food for their body parts: bones, brain, eyes etc. Each kids will have the mission to identify the correct food for a body part, guiding after a big info panel. They will go inside supermarket or directly in the garden to take the right food.
    Next they will learn what food should the ideal plate contain and they will fill this plate with magnetic ingredients.

  • Water. Hydration / dehydration.


    Kids will learn water is the essence of life, and the human body contains over 70% of water. They will learn what a proper hydration means. The animator will show them two fruits, one fresh and one dehydrated, for kids understand the effects of dehydration.
    On an interactive light panel, kids will have to guess how much water is in their bodies. They will also see that there is more water in the brain and they will understand how important it is to drink water regularly.
    Also here, kids will understand that a glass of juice is different from a glass of water, even if it is liquid. It contains sugar, so they have a higher calorific value. Water, on the other hand, has no calories, but it is vital to the body.

  • sugar & food additives


    Kids will learn sugar is actually a spice, not a food. They will find sugar is not mandatory for the body, being a product to be eaten only for pleasure. Also, the animator will explain to children how sugar contains pure energy and no nutrients (proteins, minerals, vitamins) and that's why calories in sugar are called empty calories.
    The panel with beverages and the sugar content will make children understand how bad are these drinks for their health.
    Children will learn that foods can contain various additives to improve color, taste, texture, smell, look.
    The children will fight with the negative superhero Sugar, and with the power of the mind they will break a sugar cube in 3 pieces. The entertainer will have a hidden remote control to make the sugar cube to brake, and the kids will have the feeling they broke the sugar with their powers!

  • Etichetele produselor

    #Kids will learn that all the products they eat have a label containing information about the food, the ingredients is made of, who produced it and when, the expiration date, and how long it is still good to be eaten after opening.

  • Poze haioase


    The kids can take a individual or a group photo. All the parents can take funny pictures with their kids in front of the giant food superheroes.