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THE HUMAN BODY FOR KIDS - interactive & educative exhibition for kids

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    The human body for kids is an interactive and educational exhibition for children designed specially for shopping centers. Children will experience an amazing adventure, learning about the human body, surrounded by museum quality props, involved in exciting games. They will learn by playing about the human body.

    The kids will be dressed in doctor costumes and will find how the brain works and the 5 senses (sight, hearing, taste, smell, touch), about the skeleton and bones, about the skin and muscles, about how the heart works and about the respiratory system, about the stomach and the digestive system. In the end they will take funny pictures and will be awarded with doctor diploma. During their adventure they will experience the augmented reality directly on their bodies, using a special app and a tablet.

    Children will follow a 60-minute itinerary that simulates a real expedition inside the human body, visiting the thematic “islands”, where they can learn by playing.

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  • entrance into the HUMAN BODY

    #All the kids will enter into the human body through the thematic gate. Once they get beyond these doors, kids will follow a special itinerary, they will learn about how our body works, they will be involved in many interactive activities and will have lots of fun!

  • The Life systems


    The guide will explain to the kids that our body is a assembly of life systems. The muscles and bones move the body. The lungs, the heart and the circulatory system introduces air inside our body and transport it to the other organs together with the nutritive elements from food. The food is processed by our digestive system containing the stomach and the intestines. These systems are coordinated and controlled by our nervous system – a nerves network inside the entire body. Also, the brain allows you to see, hear, smell, taste and touch.
    The kids will see on the transparent panels all the systems and they could overlap all the panels. The entertainer will tell the kids all the information about the life systems, inviting them to learn more each system in the next steps.

  • augmented Reality App


    With a T-shirt and a tablet, children will be able to see all the moving organs inside them using an augmented reality application. The animators will be able to exemplify during the adventure how the organs look and how they work. The application allows for individual viewing or together of all internal organs, and captures their movement, just like in reality.
    Parents will also be able to download the application and enter the extraordinary world of augmented reality within the human body.

  • The Nervous system – the Brain


    The entertainer will explain to the kids how the brain is the control center that sends messages and information to every part of their body. It tells their hearts to pump and their lungs to breathe. It sends messages so the kids can think, talk or listen. The kids will learn about the 5 senses: sight, hearing, taste, smell, touch. Inside there are 5 consoles, one for each sense. The kids will learn about each sense using the interactive consoles.

  • The Skeleton - the bones


    The entertainer will explain to the children how their skeleton is made up of bones that are growing bigger and stronger as the kids grow up. Some bones are very small, while others are large and children can feel them through the skin and through the muscles.
    Children will learn about x-rays and will need to identify on radiographs which are the bones. They will learn that the femur is the largest bone in the human body. The kids will also learn how many bones their hand and foot have, using the interactive panels.

  • The Muscular System


    The entertainer will explain to the kids how the muscles help the skeleton to move. They are attached to the bones so the kids can move and play.
    The kids will have to feel their muscles touching their arms. They will do several moves so they will understand how the muscles works. The kids will learn how their muscles work using the interactive panel also. They will also see their hand using the pin art interactive panel.

  • The Circulatory System - the heart


    The entertainer will teach the kids how the heart pumps blood throughout their body. The blood carries oxygen and food to the parts of the body to help it grow. Every time the heart beats, it is pumping blood throughout the kids bodies to keep them alive. Blood carries oxygen to every part of your body.
    The kids will learn that during their sleep, the heart is continues pumping the blood, and when they do physical activities, the heart pumps quicker. The kids will use stethoscopes to listen the other kids. They will count the heart beats when they are calm and after they will jump 10 times. The kids will learn how to measures themselves the pulse of their heart. They also can use the pump of the interactive panel to inflate the heart.

  • The respiratory system - the lungs


    The kids will learn that when they breathe, oxygen from the air goes into the lungs. There, the oxygen is absorbed into the blood and carried throughout the body. The blood brings used oxygen back to our lungs. Then the kids breathe the used oxygen out, and replace it with fresh oxygen from the air. This is a necessary for us to live. The kids will build themselves working models of lungs and they will see how they works. Some plastic bottles, balloons and little tubes will be used. Also, they can use the pump on the interactive panel to inflate the lungs.

  • The digestive System - the stomach


    The kids will learn about how the journey the food they eats goes to the stomach and how it is dissolved. Here they will learn about the healthy food and why is it important to have a healthy diet.
    The kids can use the levers and the buttons to open and close the mouth, to see inside the stomach and finally to see Mr. Poo.

  • The Operation Table

    #The kids will have the opportunity to test their knowledge learned during the exhibition by playing with the interactive operation table. They will transform into little surgeons and they will have to extract different organs from the patient, using the tweezers. If they will touch the metal edge with the tweezers, the nose will turn red and the funny voice of the patient will tell: “Auch, it hurts!” The kids can be divided into 2 teams to race for the most skilled surgeon.

  • Funny pictures


    The kids can take a individual or a group photo. All the parents can take funny pictures with their kids in front of the transparent panels printed with the life systems.

  • Awards


    In the end, all the kids will be awarded with doctors diploma and for their courage in the adventure inside the human body.