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    Frozen Town Kids is an interactive event for children; this project is designed specially for shopping centers. Children will experience an amazing adventure to North Pole, will be surrounded by specific architectural elements and will get involved in exciting games.

    Children will visit 3 igloos, travel with the electrical train, target practicing with snowballs, play with the happy seal, play exiting games and take funny pictures with the polar bear.

    Children will follow a 60-minute itinerary that simulates a real expedition to the North Pole, visiting the thematic “islands”, where they can learn by playing.

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  • # Download Frozen Town Kids presentation, .pdf format (4.0 mb).

    The kids’ itinerary


    #The electrical train arrives to the North Pole station. Having a big igloo shape, with icy paintings on the walls, the station is big enough for all the kids wishing to enter into the big adventure!


    The North Pole adventure starts by boarding all the kids into the electrical train. The entertainers, dressed as elfs, will help the kids to get in, and the train driver will give the starting signal into the adventure.

    The electrical train has 3 wagons that can seat 15 to 20 children.

  • The electrical train drive


    The electrical train full with kids will start the established route. He will drive through the entire shopping center, arriving to the frozen town station, where the children can see 2 gigantic igloos.

    Entertainers together with parents will meet the kids here with many exciting games.

    Depending on the architecture of each shopping center, many stations for the electrical train can be set in front of stores or strategic areas. Here the train can stop and kids can jump in or out.

  • The happy seal


    In the first igloo the seal game is waiting the kids with cheerful and colorful circles. Kids will have fun spinning circle around them, trying to hit the seal with the colorful circles.

  • Exciting games


    Between the two igloos will be organized an area with tables and seats suitable for exciting games. Here, all children have the chance to play the newest games. Being an open area for all, the parents can play with their kids too.

  • Throwing snowballs

    #The snowballs fights begins! A snowman and a target is waiting in the second igloo for kids. The entertainer will give a pail with artificial snowballs to kids. They will target the snowman, trying to hit his open mouth.

    Various mini games and contest between small teams of kids can be organized here.

  • Happy bench


    The polar bear shaped bench awaits for the little ones, but also their parents, to take pictures.

    The funny bear fits so well in the picture and the photos will be uploaded instantly to Facebook.

  • Funny pictures


    The photo corner where all kids and their parents can introduce their face, so they are transformed into a polar bear, will definitely be a funny moment.

    The pictures will be uploaded to social networks so everybody can see how funny the frozen town adventure was.