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    The interactive exhibitions organized by Umbrella Management are specially designed for shopping centers. The main target of these exhibitions are families with children, which is exactly the category of visitors that can be converted into buyers most rapidly. These are the kinds of visitors that any shopping center will want to have. The exhibitions offers children a great educational adventure, with many interactive moments. Children learn by playing.

    Props can be considered decorations for the shopping center, so adults, not only children, will enjoy the sight during the event, too.


    All exhibitions are modular, so they can be adapted to the architecture of any shopping center. Props can be placed in one single area or in several areas; this is how children will have an itinerary they can follow, just like in a real adventure. This is how each “island” can be placed in strategic areas of the shopping malls, on the same floor or spread over several floors.

    Before starting the exhibition, our experts will train the shopping center team members, briefing them on the entire scenario that entertainers will follow. Moreover, our team will advise each mall, depending on its peculiarities, using their experience to identify the best solutions for the successful organization of the event and for attracting a larger number of children. Our team will oversee every stage of the exhibitions: transport, installation, training, dismantling.


    Our team will provide support for achieving the key visual impact of the event and will offer the video presentation, which will be customized for each shopping center and which can be used in promotional campaigns.

    Considering the scale of events and the powerful educational and interactive components, any shopping center can attract more partners in such an event, both sponsors and media partners, thereby saving on the budget at each location.


    To provide your customers with a complete experience, our team can provide thematic products, suitable for every event, which can be sold to any customer wanting a nice souvenir for their little ones. Pistols and cowboy hats, sheriff badges or bows will certainly be appreciated by children.

    We encourage charging a small fee for children who want to take part in these interactive adventures. Thus, each shopping center can get additional revenues from the sale of tickets which may partially or totally cover all the costs (exhibition renting price, personnel, marketing campaigns, etc).

  • Props

    For each interactive exhibition, the authentic atmosphere will be recreated by using the most important thematic props. Props are made of polystyrene, covered in polyurethane and painted by our artists. The props’ quality is as good as the one of museum props.


    Besides the educational aspect, kids will be involved in interactive activities: finding artifacts, logical puzzles, building, riding toys, contests, small photo exhibitions, etc.

    Workshops for children

    Workshops can be organized at various phases during the adventure: painting artifacts, Egyptian make-up, manufacturing amulets and jewelry, learning, hieroglyphic writing, etc.


    Children will learn about the Wild West or Ancient Egypt by participating in an interactive adventure under the guidance of trained adults; they will not find such an even elsewhere.


    The duration of an adventure for one group of children is of up to 60 minutes. The duration is flexible and can be adjusted according to the number of children who attend the event. The length of each event is estimated to 5/10/15 minutes, but can be adjusted depending on the number of participants. The event can be organized in each shopping center for 9 days (2 weekends), 16 days (3 weekends) or 23 days (including 4 weekends) or more. The rental period is flexible and can be adjusted to your needs.

    Children Groups

    Organized groups of up to 30 children will start and finish together the adventure, guided by trained adults. Each shopping center has the option of selling tickets for this educational adventure. The ticket price is established by each shopping center. Also, the shopping center can offer free access to interactive exhibitions.


    Usually, there are one or two main entertainers and three or four assistants/shift, depending on each the needs of each shopping center.

    Event layout

    Usually, 200 sqm are necessary. Props cover about 120 sqm, but an additional space of 80-130 sqm will be needed too. The elements can be arranged separately, so allocating only one 200 sqm-area is not really necessary.


    Each shopping center can adapt the event to its available budget. More or less workshops, shorter or longer events, our adventures will fit the needs of any shopping center.

  • The interactive exhibitions are perfect events for any season and any shopping center type.

    They are traffic-generator events. Parents, grandparents, children, the entire family will be there to watch or participate.
    Be ahead of your competitors. A unique differentiation factor that will help you stand out from the other shopping centers. Because your event will not take place at another location.
    Free PR and maximum awareness. All parents, schools and kindergartens will spread the news about the event on Facebook and other social networks. The pictures with happy kids, dressed in thematic costumes, will attract other kids and parent to visit your shopping center for the event.
    You already know it. Families with children are the biggest spenders in a shopping center. Get them on your side. Your marketing budget is efficiently spent.
    The exhibition's props will decorate your entire shopping center. Your clients will like it so much that many of the will want to have their pictures taken besides the props.

Interactive exhibitions & events: